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Jamie Linkowski is a fiduciary who consults and advises clients with the objective of helping employers and employees optimize their benefits system. Jamie has expertise in the financial planning, investment, tax, and insurance fields, and works to provide unbiased fiduciary and investment advice to company-sponsored retirement plans and individuals.

With over 30 years in the field, Jamie has seen it all and knows firsthand the industry nuances and the need to represent both the employer and employee simultaneously by teaching them how to maximize their benefits systems.


The needs of employers and employees are not at odds; rather, employer investments and employee interests must align for successful business outcomes. With this in mind, Jamie advises businesses to invest in their people and the communities these people touch. In turn, employers improve their balance sheets and income statements, increase long-term profitability, and foster healthy work environments.

Jamie Linkowski

Jamie helps employers fix their balance sheets and improve their income statements by focusing on their chief assets—their people. He also works with advisors to help them elevate their game, bringing them from efficiency to being truly effective for their clients.

Core to Jamie’s approach is his obsession with understanding a company’s culture to learn who people are, what motivates them, and how they communicate. This mindset allows him to provide customized advice based on each unique business situation.

You can supercharge your business by taking care of your people.
That creates real, sustainable, financial health.